I am super behind on posts, which I knew would happen sooner or later during my semester! This post is my updates for March 7th-19th!! Only a month late…sorry.

The weekend of March 7th, I went with a group of friends up to Snowdonia Mountain Range. This is located in North Wales and was about a 3 hour bus ride from us. We booked the night in a hostel in the town Caenarfon (have fun pronouncing that) and arrived around 10am so that we could have the whole day to explore. First we checked into our hostel when we arrived to drop off our bags. The hostel was called Totters Backpackers Hostel, and it was probably the cutesthostel I have stayed at since being here. It was run by a super friendly man and his wife and had a very homey feel to it. There was also a “living” room with board games where we ate dinner and watched Mulan on Friday night (~wild~). The main thing that Caernarfon has to offer is its castle and roman forts. We started Friday off in the castle, which is build right along a river. The inside walls of the castle contain towers with spiral staircases and hallways going all over the place and we spent about 2.5 hours exploring all the ins and outs of it! After the castle we grabbed lunch at a cafe and then proceeded to the roman forts. When we got to the forts we were rather shocked and disappointed to find what looked like a bunch of giant litter boxes lined in stones. We probably stayed for 10 minutes, but I am sure back in the day the fort was kinda cool. After this, we looked around shops, grabbed dinner, and then went back to watch Mulan and head to bed.11025963_10206001693023751_7545687304200168831_n On Saturday, we were scheduled to go horse riding in the mountain range. Unfortunately, since it was still technically winter, and we are in the UK, the weather was pretty chilly, windy, and at some points, misty. Considering the people I dragged along with me to ride aren’t much of horse people/riders, I felt bad that the weather was less than ideal. As for myself, if you have ever heard the saying “my favorite place in the world is on top of a horse,” that is essentially how I feel when I’m up there riding, so I was giddy (get it!??!) the whole time. My horse was a palomino named Jaycob and he was such a gentleman on the trails and had a super smooth trot so basically I was in love. I rode in the back of the line next to one of the trail ride employees and we basically talked about horses the whole trip so it was a lovely morning. After the ride, we hopped a bus and headed back for Wales.

SIDE NOTE: if the above story, though super brief in detail, was inspiring to you and you think I need a horse, contact my parents!! I have always been told the best welcome home gift from a semester abroad is a horse! XOXO thanks mom and dad?!? 10429859_10206001609621666_3918293020693183867_n The next two weeks led up to spring break starting. This time was basically spent finishing up any assignments and projects due and exploring more of aber night life. I also went to my first ever Ann Sommer’s Party (google it).

Easter Holiday started on March 20th for me and I just got back today (April 9th). Classes resume on Monday, but I will be blogging about my holiday vacation as soon as possible!


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